Overseas Information & Public Relations

Gathering and distribution of information internationally

JSTRA analyses and provides overseas information obtained by the operations of regulations, standards and R&D.
We also disclose the information to a wide range of fields as well as to shipbuilding stakeholders by announcing our activities, performance and achievements.

Gathering of Information from JETRO

Cooperating with the Japan Ship Exporters’
Association (JSEA), the Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders (CAJS) and the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association (JSMEA), JSTRA utilizes overseas offices of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) relating to shipbuilding and ship machinery, in order to gather and analyze overseas information relating to ship technology. JSTRA also distributes information on Japanese maritime industries to overseas readers, such as through the release of periodicals like Shipbuilding in Japan.

Service for our supporting members

JSTRA holds meetings and other events to convey information to its supporting members, regarding the achievements and results obtained through its activities. We also provide useful information on ship technologies to our supporting members via our website and e-mail newsletter distribution services.

Activities to propagate information regarding JSTRA achievements

Information service business

Cyber security seminar

IMO seminar

12th Ship Machinery Standardization Promotion Committee Standardization Seminar