To respond strategically to the safety and environmental regulations developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), JSTRA conducts research related to the development of regulations. JSTRA also conducts investigations to comprehensively grasp the trends of IMO’s regulations, the trends of important related standards developed by other international organizations, such as the ISO and IEC, and changes in the circumstances surrounding the maritime field.More Info

JSTRA proactively prepares and proposes international standards which are regarded as essential, in relation to international regulations established by IMO.
As well as representing and incorporating their opinions, we provide information regarding current trends in ISO/IEC standards to Japanese maritime industries .
JSTRA also actively involves itself in the development of Japan Industrial Standard Division F (JIS F) standards, in order to respond swiftly to the needs of domestic industries.More Info

JSTRA is engaged in strategic R&D activities to enhance the international competitiveness and technology base of the Japanese shipbuilding and shipping industries, and to respond to technical issues being faced by these industries, including logistical efficiency, safety assurance and environmental conservation issues.More Info

JSTRA conducts compliance support projects to help ensure compliance with technology regulations and standards, centered on inventory projects to create IHM (Inventories of Hazardous Materials).More Info

JSTRA analyses and provides overseas information obtained by the operations of regulations, standards and R&D.
We also disclose the information to a wide range of fields as well as to shipbuilding stakeholders by announcing our activities, performance and achievements. More Info

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