Japan Ship Technology Research Association
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Overseas information / Public relations

Collection / Transmission of international information

JSTRA evaluates and then provides overseas information obtained through its projects related to regulations, standards and R&D. Further, the Association provides information to a wide range of fields by announcing its activities, performance and achievements.

Collection of overseas information / Transmission of information to overseas

JSTRA cooperates closely with the Japan Ship Exporters' Association, the Cooperative Association of Japan Shipbuilders and the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association, and ensures active use of JETRO offices related to the shipbuilding and maritime industries. Its aim is to collect and evaluate overseas information concerning maritime technologies. Information on overseas ship technology, including the surveys in the list below, was collected and surveyed in FY 2016. Further, the Association makes available information on domestic maritime industries to overseas by releasing periodicals, including, "Shipbuilding in Japan."

Collecting overseas information

Publication of "Shipbuilding in Japan"

Propagation of achievements

JSTRA offers opportunities for its support members to view the latest achievements in its various activities, for instance by holding a report meeting. JSTRA also offers useful information on maritime technologies to its support members via websites and by distributing mail magazines.

Propagation of Activity to
propagate achievements

Information services

Standards and Regulations Seminar for Ships and
Marine Technology
Standards and Regulations Seminar for Ships and
Marine Technology
The 10th Ship's Standard Seminar