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International Cooperation

Establishment of International Framework

More than 90% of the world's ships are built by Asian shipyards. JSTRA engages in activities, in strengthen tie-ups of shipbuilders that are essential to address the technical standards and regulations on ships developed by IMO and ISO.

Establishment of the ASEF Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation

Since 2007, Japan Ship Technology Research Association (JSTRA), with strong ties with the Shipbuilders Association of Japan, based on the financial support amounting to approximately 97 million yen received from the Nippon Foundation, has played a leading role as a provisional secretariat by successively interacting with the shipbuilders associations of other nations.

As the result of these activities, for many years, the ASEF (Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation), a federation of companies and organizations involved in the shipbuilding industry from nine countries accounting for more than ninety percent of the world's total amount of shipbuilding for newly-built ship, including Japan, South Korea and China, was established on November 26, 2015, and the first General Assembly Meeting and first Council Meeting was held in China on November 26, 2015.

The main objectives of the ASEF are to collaborate on shipbuilding and ship technology in order to contribute to the sound development of international maritime affairs and to promote marine safety and marine environment protection, etc., in the world.

The ASEF is also taking part in deliberation at International Maritime Organization (IMO), and its most important function is aiming at delivering its opinions with regard to the shipbuilding industry. It is expected that the ASEF may obtain an observer status at the IMO in near future.

1st ASEF General Assembly Meeting

1st ASEF General Assembly Meeting

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) Concluded among Japan, China and South Korea on the Creation of a Collaborative System Pertaining to ISO

Japan - China- South Korea
MOU Joint Meeting in Busan

In order to promote mutual understanding regarding the expansion of joint activities on international standard issues among Japan, China and South Korea, JSTRA (Japan), the Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute (SMERI) and the Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute (KOMERI) concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Shanghai, China in September 2012.

This MOU has allowed us to gain support of China and South Korea before the proposals that are made by Japan submits to the ISO, and it has helped us strategically promote Japan's international standardization activities.

The MOU staff meeting has been held every year ever since the MOU was conoluded in order to provide information on Japan's proposals and to gain a grasp on the latest trends pertaining to ISO in China and South Korea.